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Deep tissue

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

regenerating, deep tissue technique
methodical, strong grips
supplies skin with nutrients
oxygenates muscles and removes toxins
accelerate recovery after long taxing hours of work
increase physical capacity & initiates flow of energy

CATERS TO: athletes, weight training, SJW?s
WORKS FOR: mental strain,muscle tension,chronic fatigue

200PLN/90mins* Book


Frankie says relax

delicate, slow, rhythmical
excellent mix of relaxing techniques
soothes and mellows body& mind
helps the mind drift away
complete body and mind reset

CATERS TO: corporate fairies, the overtired
WORKS FOR: combating daily stress, insomnia, depression

180PLN/90mins* Book

* Sessions are 1h 15mins.
There is an additional15min required for consultation and preparation.

Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa
Fasten your seatbelt Dorothy, cause Kansas is going bye-bye!

There is nothing better than a good massage. However, there is something that will take you to a different level of relaxation. A good CBD oil massage.


Your body contains an internal ‘cannabis system’, whose receptors can be found in every organ, including the biggest of them all. Your skin.


The receptors on the skin allow for the CBD (Cannabidiol), which is one of the most potent of all 113 canabinoids found in cannabis, to penetrate your entire system. Here is when magic starts to unfold.


Any remnants of stress and fear leave your body with every passing minute. Pain is being surpassed by a sense of vitality and a feeling of bliss. Your mind is being flooded with endorfines and your body goes into recovery mode. You experience the best night of your sleep that follows the treatment and what’s more the CBD oil leaves your skin nourished and glowing with health. Poetry.

Price: 300PLN
Session time: 1,5hrs

you are in good hands.

A pair of strong hands
Releases endorfines
Invigorates Your skin
Accelerates recovery
Increases range of motion
+ Only polish cosmetics
Strzałka w dół

A real dose of healthy relaxation in the heart of town

Imagine stepping into a realm of peace and tranquility after a tiresome day at work. The door opens and the aroma of lemongrass and forest resin blanket your body Glistening twilights radiate from soft candlelight.You have reached your destination,the relaxation has begun.


In silence you lie down on cushioned table and close your eyes.In just a few moments you will coast in serenity with every touch of your professional therapist. You fall deeply into the most minimal of conscious states and transcend the realm everyday life into careless tranquility. Let the mind slip beneath the human senses which are at last,quiet.


Would you like to drift away and forget about the world? Book your session now.

Will You visit me at home?

If you kindly ask, then yes I will. Within the reasonable distance form the city center. Additional fee of 50PLN + Uber.

Can we talk?

With a deep tissue massage, chances are you will be making sounds. It is entirely up to you if you like to articulate them. I am here to listen. However, with a relaxing session there is only you, music, warm oils and my bodywork.

Will cannabis massage leave me high?

CBD oil does not contain THC, so it doesn't cause psychoactive effects- feeling of high. It does not affect your physical nor mental abilities. And no, you won't stink of weed either! Bear in mind though, that my place is not compatibile with your vapouriser.

What happens after the massage is over?

I will allow you a few moments as you return back from bliss and provide you a glass of crystal clear lemon water. Massage releases toxins stored in the skin and fat tissue so it is always a healthy practice to drink plenty of fluids afterwards to help flush the body. Keep this in practice for the next day or so.

Should I get naked

Undress to within your comfort zone. If being naked prevents you from fully relaxed then so be it. There will be space for you to undress and make yourself comfortable in private.

A question of hygiene

Rinsing prior to any massage will assist the absorption and medicinal aspects of the oils. When the massage is over no additional cleaning is necessary. I will gently remove the remnants of oils, and what is left will nurture you and your skin overnight.

Are Your oils tested on cute little bunnies?

No. Polish brand of cosmetics Tolpa are not tested on animals. I mix the oils myself and have developed my own combination specific to each massage. All are free of any chemical additives and I abide by one of my golden rules: 'Do not put on your skin anything you would not put in your body'.

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